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Defend the freedom to share! Consider the presence of software in your life and how so much of  what we do depends on sharing, studying, and building upon the works of  others. This is why the freedom to share is at the core of the FSF's  work. We can only truly foster free software, free documentation, and  free cultural works for users around the world if we have the ability to  share. Motivated by profit, mega-corporations are trying to limit this  ability. They not only prevent interoperability between social media platforms and messengers to maintain their monopolies, but also impose DRM on books and other media.  With your support, we can continue protecting the freedom to share.  The goal: to grow our sharing community by 455 new associate members by  December 31 -- For $10/month ($5 for students) you can join us today!  Share the message using the hashtag #FreedomToShare on social media networks.    
by Miriam Bastian — Published on Nov 14, 2022 01:24 PM
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